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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What is the Criteria for Becoming a Surrogate?

What is the Criteria for Becoming a Surrogate?

Surrogates committed to Little Blessings Surrogacy Consultants are pre-screened with the following criteria in mind. We also have carefully considered a huge range of variables in making these decisions.

~Be between 19-35 depending of health
~Have prior children with no complications during pregnancy or birth
~Have regular periods
~Have no history of any genetically or sexually transmitted diseases
~Have no history of any serious or ongoing medical conditions
~Never had a positive AIDS or HIV test
~Have reliable transportation
~Be a non-smoker and live in a smoke free household
~Never taken recreational drugs
~Be average weight for her height- BMI under 30
~Be able to withstand injections and fertility medications
~Be committed to being a surrogate. This includes being available to attend medical office appointments during treatment, cycle and pregnancy. Keeping the agency and the intended parents updated with current contact information, and once there is a confirmation of pregnancy, speaking with the couple at least once a week.
~Complete a lengthy application and submit photographs of yourself and your children, which is reviewed by Little Blessings and held for possible matching with intended parents who are clients of Little Blessings.

If you are within this criteria and you are interested in becoming a surrogate, we would love for you to visit Little Blessings and begin the process by filling out our initial screening application.

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