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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What Motivates a Woman to Become a Surrogate?

There are many reasons women want to become Surrogates. Some women cannot imagine not having their own children, so they are very compassionate toward the Intended Parents desire to have a family of their own. Some women have uncomplicated pregnancies, and are willing to help a family in need. Some may become a surrogate for the financial gain and Some women just love to be pregnant!

You, as a mother, have felt the most indescribable, the most incredible, the most astounding love there is...the love for your child. Now, imagine, the frustration, pain and helplessness that an infertile couple must feel. Imagine there is nothing you can do on your own to have a baby. The infertility treatments have failed and the doctors have done all they can do to help your situation...all seems hopeless. Could you even imagine?

So in becoming a surrogate, you give the gift of life to parents who are unable to do so themselves.  

If you are motivated by any or all of these reasons, then becoming a surrogate may be a wonderful opportunity. As a surrogate, you possess the unique ability to have a miraculous transform on another family.

You can be their Little Blessing!

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